Pamac doesn't show included files of some packages

Hi, on my system pamac didn’t show the included files of some packages. Pamac version is 11.6.0-01 and the behavior is the same in cli and gtk version. libpamac is at version 11.6.1-1.

For example this works:

pamac list -f pamac-gtk 

But this not:

pamac list -f toot

It doesn’t matter which repo.
Can someone confirm this and/or has a idea whats the cause. :slightly_smiling_face:

I cannot confirm. All repos and installed AUR packages show their files. Even my custom package (this if you want to know) work.

I can’t reproduce your issue, either. Perhaps your local file database is out of date. Run the following and try again:

sudo pacman -Fy

This can be automated by enabling the pacman-filesdb-refresh.timer:

systemctl enable pacman-filesdb-refresh.timer
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This helped … thanks @Yochanan

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