Pamac doesn't download updates automatically

I have the option “Automatically download updates” checked, a Firefox update is found, but it doesn’t get downloaded. Does this option even work at all?

Is it not downloaded, or is it downloaded but not installed ?

I’m talking about download only.
The update got downloaded eventually, but it took like 2 days I think. I’m not sure how it works, is there some kind of delay built in?

It looks like Pamac update fixed this issue, but not entirely. A while ago I was informed about an update, I looked at the details and all but two packages (Firefox and gtk3) already got downloaded. My connection is rather slow, so the download had to start quite some time ago. However about 30 minutes have passed since then and these two packages aren’t being downloaded at all. I wonder why.

EDIT: Nevermind, they’re here. Looks like everything works properly now.

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