Pamac "does" PKGBUILD automatically?

Hi there!

So, guys, I am a bit confused here, and please sorry for asking this (I have not found any thread who explains this).

Well, I have installed a few software from AUR in my Manjaro. But, I done this through pamac install PACKAGENAME instead the way I heard about (pamac build).

So, am I correct when supposing that Pamac “does” everything automatically in this case? I will never have to use pamac build when leading with software from AUR?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Title doesn’t make a lot of sense. All AUR helpers build PKGBUILDs automatically - as opposed to using ‘makepkg’.

And you have to do anything manually when using ‘build’?

Anyway, as I just said recently, this is just bad design. Either have different arguments for different things, or, if you have to, have one argument for everything and remove duplicates.

I have never used pamac build etc, this is the reason why I asked. I am new to Manjaro, and had this doubt.

Well, I think I understood. Thank you!

If you have AUR enabled in Pamac Settings, then using INSTALL will also look into the AUR if the package is not found in repositories I think, and then if you don’t have the setting enabled, you will need to use BUILD because INSTALL will not look for AUR then.

This works for the few packages from AUR that are actually available in Manjaro’s repositories, which then takes precedence.

Thank you very much, guys. I think I understood now.

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