PAMAC Does not Update!

I just noticed trying to update PAMAC reported “Last Refresh:” was a few days ago, though I refreshed several times.

It worked fine after I selected from the menu ( top right ) “Refresh databses”

I just thought to report this, it may be a bug.
Any suggestions to avoid this in the future or do I need to “Refresh databses” from time to time?


$ pamac update
$ sudo pacman -Syu


I guess if your mirror is outdated it will not detect updates, as the reference server is outdated. Make sure to have a proper mirror (Manjaro CDN works great, it is one of the Global servers), and you should not have update issues.

Mirrors syncronize at different intervals - so patience is a keyword and the behavior you see is not a bug but a misconfiguraion on your part.

Default pamac uses the pacman equivalent when syncing from a mirror

pacman -Syu

If you have changed your pamac settings - to not check for updates on package install - then you disable the necessary database update - which in turn will make your system partially synced - which in turn is an unsupported state.

To illustrate what is abstracted by buttons in pamac settings.

Refreshing database works because this is equivalent to

pacman -Sy

When you disable checking in pamac - when updating - pamac will use the equivalent

pacman -Su

On package sync the equivalent is

pacman -S

Thank you very much for your guidance.
I do not remember I changed my repos. It is still the defaults I believe.
This is my

sudo nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist     

## Manjaro Linux default mirrorlist
## Generated on 2022-06-02 13:07
## Please use 'pacman-mirrors -f [NUMBER] [NUMBER]' to modify mirrorlist
## (Use 0 for all mirrors)

## Country : Germany
Server =$repo/$arch

## Country : Sweden
Server =$repo/$arch

## Country : Finland
Server =$repo/$arch

## Country : Austria
Server =$repo/$arch

## Country : Germany
Server =$repo/$arch

## Country : Iran
Server =$repo/$arch

## Country : South_Africa
Server =$repo/$arch

## Country : Iran
Server =$repo/$arch

Is it OK?
Do I need to add/remove/configure anything?

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