Pamac does not display updates

@guinux, @philm pamac-gtk does not display the updates, while pacman displays them with the command pacman -Syu.
After this command pamac also displays them normally.
I' m on usntable branch and pamac
I opened an issue here:

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I don't use pamac personally, but did you try refreshing mirrors / databases in pamac?

pacman -Syu is seeing the packages because the y command refreshes the master package database.

Yes I know, I tried refreshing mirrors / databases.

Do you mean the tray is not displaying that updates are available?

Looks like it doesn't sync databases. After running the command line, the updates do show up in pamac as well.

No I don't use tray. I mean the button of updates.

@guinux I saw that you fixed it. Please put the new version on repos.

It's fixed in pamac-gtk 9.5.6
Thanks a lot @guinux!

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