Pamac : Deselect all upgrades

I usually try to wait a day or two before upgrading Manjaro, to increase the chance of me not destroying my computer. During that day or two I might need to install some program, like right now, a stable update showed up a few hours ago and for other reasons (like DistroTubes youtube video) I wanted to install librewolf-bin.

However, there is no deselect all button in pamac to unselect all available updates, so that I can install only librewolf-bin without updating the entire system. Is that what the Ignore all button is for? Or do I have to manually deselect all upgrades one by one?

To the pamac developers, I would really like some tooltip’s (and/or a deselect all button) in pamac :slight_smile:

As a general rule that is not safe, the libc or other important software could have been upgraded and anything you download might be dependent against the new version.
So…the policy is…if you install anything new, you have to upgrade to current levels.


Got it, that is probably why there is no deselect all button then :slight_smile:

you can try to use this setting at your own risk though

I have messed up my system too many times already, so no thanks :slight_smile: I want no risks, I want this install to last a year, at least…

Do you have about 50 GiB free disk space?

Then you can spent it next time you reached comfort level after updating Manjaro to just download all packages e.g. by selecting a repo from repo list at and synchronize it via

rsync -azP { of choice} {local folder of choice}

No need to update then to install any package, just use

sudo pacman -U {local folder of choice/package of choice.pkg.tar.xz}


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I do have 50 GiB, but I think I’ll pass anyway :slight_smile:

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Yes “Ignore all” button is here to unselect all upgrade but as already said, it’s not recommended.

I do this now on huge updates: I sort by name and look for linux to unselect kernels to be updated. Then upgrade the kernels separately later.

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