Pamac core dump or crash when going for updates

I am experiencing errors with pamac causing core dumps. It appears to be related to when going to search for updates. When running on timer (every 4 hrs), it gives one short beep and dumps the core. If actually in the app, when updates is selected it begins the update process but crashes before completion. I have tried reinstalling all pamac apps but same result. I am asking for help in finding the cause and correcting. I am not a programmer so please give explicit instructions. I am running xfce and 5.8.11 kernel.

Welcome at the forum, @rod-in

Before someone more experienced in fixing Pamac issues (I don’t use it) enters this thread you can upate your system with the following commands:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

Thanks Wollie for your quick reply. I have already done that to make sure it wasn’t an update problem. Pacman seems to be working fine but pamac is the problem. I did your suggestion just to make sure but the pamac problem still exists.

Here is the journalctl -b output for the core dump, if that is helpful: