Pamac CLI



Could you please add some help for


I tried pamac-clean-cache --help in terminal and it just went through the action, which I would/do not know exactly…

And one more, if you don’t want to just “mimic pacman” :monkey_face::sweat_smile: , could you add a

pamac --help --all

to view all actions help info in one page?


why not include now pamac-clean-cache in pamac(cli) as one command ?


I only found that command browsing /usr/bin filtered on pamac. So it’s an “external” command.


pamac-clean-cache is used by the systemd timer pamac-cleancache.timer, it cleans the package cache using the option you set in preferences.


I assume this is controlled via pamac GUI. Correct?


The timer is automatic (monthly), you set the clean preferences in the GUI.


So it would not get much use with Manjaro as it seems the norm to reinstall monthly to avoid updates, Lol and it just does what a cron job would do, again nothing is learned as nothing is taught to new users.


Yes and a cron job does nothing you can’t do manually.


That is true so again why try to reinvent the wheel better to teach users how simple things can be than make mountains out of nothing take away the simplicity that is the base of Linux, you get the monster win clone. A F1 car is a race car you can’t turn it into the family runabout, Arch Linux is what it says on the box. a light fast simple concept.


Some (hopefully) constructive feedback on pamac cli.

I have been trying to use it for my package management needs and I thought I would report the things that I found.

For packages from the repos it worked well, generally speaking. There are a few things that are missing that I use compared to pacman but overall I was pleasantly surprised.

Here is what I noticed that I had trouble with:

  • There is no way to update the system and install packages in a single operation. The equivalent of pacman -Syu <packagelist>
  • There is no way to install things as dependencies
  • pacmac reinstall <group> doesn’t work
  • In general, I think reinstall needs a flag to install missing packages as well because there is no easy way to do this in pamac

As a tool to install/update packages from AUR I found it to be missing too much functionality to be usable for my needs.


  • You can’t search both the repository and AUR with a single command
  • Search doesn’t show votes or ratings
  • Search doesn’t flag out of date packages
  • Search is not sorted in a way that is meaningful in deciding which package to install


  • There is no way to view diffs of selected PKGBUILDs
  • There is no way to edit PKGBUILDs
  • There are no notifications for out of date packages
  • There are no updates for *-git packages(equivalent of --devel)
  • There are no options for what/when to confirm things

Just some initial feedback that is hopefully helpful.


with multi-manjaros/arch , i use systemd-nspawn
pamac-cli is ok , except for install/update

Error: Could not connect: No such file or directory
** (pamac:276): CRITICAL **: 22:53:03.618: pamac_system_daemon_get_lock: assertion 'self != NULL' failed
Waiting for another package manager to quit...
Error: Could not connect: No such file or directory
** (pamac:276): CRITICAL **: 22:53:08.624: pamac_system_daemon_get_lock: assertion 'self != NULL' failed
** (pamac:276): CRITICAL **: 22:53:10.037: pamac_system_daemon_trans_cancel: assertion 'self != NULL' failed

Okay, it’s probably not made for this environment. :grin:
no problem

my alias “chrooty”

rep=$(stat -c "%n" /run/media/$(whoami)/* 2>/dev/null | fzf --reverse --prompt="linux to mount >"); [ -d "$rep" ] && sudo systemd-nspawn -D $rep || echo "Directory ($rep) not valid"


As pamac-cli is basically now an adjunct to Pamac gui it would seem natural to have a small terminal input area for commands within the gui version so both may be used at the same time.

I mostly use Pamac for its search features when looking for packages. It would seem a natural inclusion to have an small input area for the CLI commands within the gui.


Introduction: Contrary to what some people think, I’m not crazy and I’m not trying to just make pamac-cli a clone of pacman. I see pamac as an higher level interface so there are some advanced features you may never see appear in pamac even if you can do it with pacman. What I want is to make pamac easy to use with a clear syntax and simple useful and powerful commands.

That’s exactly what can make pamac-cli better, Thank you !

Glad to read that :wink:

Do you really often use this command ? Anyway see introduction.

See introduction.

Thanks, it’s fixed int git !

As reinstall is (for me) a maintenance action, I created a separate command.
With install command, all packages already installed will be skipped.

You’re right that pamac AUR support need some work. Thanks for all your suggestions.
Know that AUR search results are sorted by popularity (like in the GUI) but you’re right it’s not clear.

I don’t understand this one.


You need to add the “-b” option to your systemd-nspawn command to boot the system (type “poweroff” to quit).


It is the main installation command I use, especially on live systems. It avoids partial upgrades

  • pamac upgrade = pacman -Syu
  • pamac install = pacman -S

Contrary of pacman, pamac protects you against partial upgrades !


Except in gui, where it allows you to select upgrades :wink:


Yes, all the time. Generally, my life is about making these easy and doing them in few steps. Instead of check to make sure the system is up to date before installing packages each time it is easier to simply say “install this package and update any new packages that are available”

Something that might be a middle ground and make things even easier is adding a flag that allows you to optionally install optional dependencies along with the package you are installing.

That is good to know, another item that I noticed last night is that the search output is justified to the left and right. If you get more than a few search results it becomes almost impossible to see which versions are for which packages in a plain terminal.


I’ve created some split-packages here. By installing them and removing pacman, pamac-cli still works with libalpm. However, we have still to test if we want to go the way to make pacman as cli optional or not.


Considering the design goals of @guinux (simple, newbie friendly interface without debug options, not replacing pacman), I think that pacman should still be included by default. Having just pamac-cli seems too limiting. Besides, we have quite a lot of tools that would pull pacman as dependency anyway.

So I would not make it a priority to try make pacman optional. Of course, time will tell where the project goes. Let’s develop it further and re-evaluate the situation after a few years maybe?