Pamac CLI



That would take several full time employees or owners and a full vision/exit plan to work out. I doubt we are there yet but who knows. :thinking:


I don’t think the “apt syntax” is (or could be) the real reason.
The only understandable (to me) reason to replace pacman is to add Manjaro specific checks and/or actions that are difficult to accomplish with current pacman options.


I think we have to consider pamac cli only another wrapper for managing packages… For now this is all… No speculation in this… If @guinux like to code another program why not… This is the freedom…


philm doesn’t talk about giving up alpm, on the contrary
It’s just an alpm client overlay with apt syntax.

I join @petsam, a cli manjaro tool could bring specific manjaro utilities


When we have split-packages of pacman, pacman itself can be still be used. It only gives the maintainers an extra option to choose which cli-package-manager they want to distribute on an ISO. We are currently figuring out our options. Basically pamac and pacman are package managers based on libalpm and therefore equal.


Why does anything involving minor change around here turn into “the world is ending”/“someone stole my toys”? We are talking about options here…right?

Wouldn’t that be somewhat chaotic if each ISO had a different package management tool? It seems like it should be the same on at least all the main 3 ISOs.


Maybe in the long term, Manjaro ISOs will come with pamac cli as a “preferred” package manager, having some extra advantages for Manjaro installs (hopefully).


No it would be better to help with pacman development than trying to reinvent, that way Manjaro is giving things back instead of just taking, Chakra and many others tried it failed, Arch is Arch that is the Manjaro and spins illusion they are better than Arch, I can vouch that Arch is rock solid running testing repros for years, so on that theory Manjaro should be more stable than slackware but its not, Like F1, Merc engine is only competitive in a merc chassis, Ferrari is the same, Slackware is more stable than its Spins. As is Gentoo.


To be fair, stability is not a black or white thing…
With innovations comes some cost, as with multiple kernels and user-friendly GPU driver installations (look ma, no hands!!).
I favor upstream contributions, but is pacman written in a language Manjaro devs are familiar ? (I don’t really know that, just saying)


@petsam that is very true nothing is ever black and white.

Well it seems that is a big Manjaro problem Manjaro leaves that to the maintainers so it make a 57 varieties of tools typical in linux, but things like package managers should be the same, for all Manjaro DEs like Fedora opensuse ETC. This is the biggest criticism with Ubuntu at this time DW tested Mate it was fair in its criticism 3 package managers are they needed, Does Manjaro need 2 package managers not really.
Does any Debian based Distro need any CLI package manager not called apt the answer is no.
The same aplies here the easier you try to make things for the user the harder they actually are as is the case with pacman. You can alias pacman to do any task with package management sust need to know the commands, the one it fails mostly is wiping the bot when you get it wrong


@mandog, as my old Ma used to tell me after watching a scary film: “Relax, it’s only a movie.”

Remember, it’s just Manjaro (not Arch). :wink:

Another way of extinguishing the unwashed masses. :smiley:


I was also thinking exactly this, it 's on the Team’s desire anyways. They might want to evolve to another species :rofl:


When you reach the top of the pile their is only one way down, In my years using Linux when they fall they never recover Pclinux is a prime example reached the top by dubious means a bit like we did stayed a year then fell where is it now, the latest Mint did the same thing, Ubuntu used the power of money and the media it fell, its better to stay near the in the top 10 like Debian really than be a has been in some ways.


Hello old boy how are we lately, Still bashing
Yes its only Manjaro the Arch based Distro that’s harder to use than Arch Lol Manjaro was a long journey from alpha to Artix.


Not as much as I’d like to. GNOME is just fine. It’s their developers that make such effing stupid design decisions. That’s all. :smiley:

Arch is just too simple sometimes. We must complex it up!


Duplicating functionality for the best package manager around is pointless. Why waste time and energy duplicating functionality that already exists?

Providing pamac-cli in preference over pacman is madness, again moving towards dumming the distro down for the clueless masses.

Spend time and energy providing something useful, like nvidia-prime mhwd driver, add functionality that your growing user base actually wants. Or add flatpak / snap / appimage support to Pamac GUI.

I also think that handling both AUR and repo packages using the same cli wrapper is wrong, especially given Manjaro’s position on the AUR is it is not officially supported.


Adding unnecessary levels of complexity = :-1:
Adding needed functionality or support = :+1:

Suggestions by @sueridgepipe. :+1: :+1: :+1:


I do take offense to that statement, not needed or wanted or even an accurate assessment of linux users in general.

Please smack forehead and try again. You may need a couple of whacks. :grinning:


I don’t. It is exactly how it feels.

But I agree with the rest of your assessment, the not needed part, anyway. But I otherwise stand in Solidarity with @sueridgepipe.

EDIT: sigh And probably some of my reaction is to what I perceive as a lessening of Manjaro’s fine roots in Arch. It becomes less and less like Arch every day, but it does become more and more like Manjaro every day, too. :wink:


Damn ! You understood my plan :frowning_face:
With making pamac cli my only purpose was to launch a war with Arch pacman fans and become the lord of linux world :smiling_imp:
But now all is known maybe it will only be an easy way to maintain our systems and preparing for the next fight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: