Pamac CLI



“sudo pamac install” if used multiple times prompts each time “are you sure” really need something like
“pamac build” is worse as it prompts for both “password” and the “are you sure”.
It would be nice to have --needed too.


What’s wrong with validating each transaction ?

Validating the transaction summary and ask the password to be sure you can install packages are two different things.


I think this error message could be made clearer:

$ sudo pamac build
==> ERROR: Running makepkg as root is not allowed as it can cause permanent,
catastrophic damage to your system.

“Why is pamac telling me about makepkg? What’s makepkg? That’s not the command I ran…?”

e.g. see aurman:

$ sudo aurman
[sudo] password for jonathon: 
!! Do not run aurman with sudo


Already installed and up-to-date package are skipped with install action


Ok will do


While you are at it :slight_smile:

When the build is installed - often various messages are printed to the user.

Those message lines are split with a line in between Configuring da da da ..

Sample - pamac build sublime-text-dev
<----------- snip 
Configuring sublime-text-dev...

Configuring sublime-text-dev...
  ==> sublime-text-dev install/upgrade note:
Configuring sublime-text-dev...
Configuring sublime-text-dev...
    To disable in-application reminders about new Sublime Text dev versions,
Configuring sublime-text-dev...
    add the following setting to your User Preferences file:
Configuring sublime-text-dev...
    "update_check": false
Configuring sublime-text-dev...

Running post-transaction hooks:
Updating icon theme caches...                                                                                    [1/3]
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...                                                                                   [2/3]
Updating the desktop file MIME type cache...                                                                     [3/3]
Transaction successfully finished.


I just noticed through these posts that you refer to cmd-line usage with sudo and without sudo.
On my trials, I can run pamac without sudo and I am asked for authorization, pretty nicely.
IMHO, this could be set as a standard and in help/man advice to run without sudo for standardization, memory leaks :joy: just like other tools do (i.e. yaourt).

And some Off-Topic but related, I think it might be time to start using (and in support issues) pkexec instead of sudo, if it is correct replacement.


I don’t think sudo dissappears.

It is running a graphical application using gksu/gksudo which has been deprecated.

An older debian replacement for gksu - gksu-polkit is using pkexec.

It is used by Openbox, i3 maybe others.


Yes pamac uses polkit (like pkexec) for authentication.


This is something I don’t know the extend, that’s why I am just raising it. You may want to test if it is viable to use pkexec on those DEs as well.
My understanding was that eventually sudo would actually be deprecated, so maybe you would like to do some research and start a new specific discussion topic (as for the Manjaro developers).


You know what would be particularly cool? If user runs pamac build with sudo, drop the privileges for build and use them only for installation. I think at least aura does this. You could probably do that by substituting user for build commands.


Which is an argument for not calling it with sudo.
At best redundant…
Like systemctl etc.


I don’t think that’s possible…
However, pamac-cli could start with a sudo -k instead of the error message ?


You can certainly drop privileges and then re-prompt for the installation step.

Personally I’d drop sudo in all cases, then prompt for elevation only when needed.


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After reading this entire thread I am still not sure why this is needed, pacman is the best package manager in the Linux ecosystem.


One option would be to do a split package of pacman and provide for example a libalpm package. Then pacman may become optional as pamac might do the same thing, but more Debian like from the given syntax. @guinux simply wanted to do it, so pamac has also a cli option. Maybe it might get a QT-UI someday too …

We will see what the future brings …


Your are just trying to reinvent the wheel it never works always flat spots. Just break the ties from Arch and go your own way Like Chakra. Is that your plans?


here, there are two big changes very different:

  • not using pacman with manjaro anymore?
  • or/and use apt syntax instead of pacman?

The future is unclear
This apt use is only interesting for newcomers.

pacman may become optional

What is now the official cli tool? that we have to give here on the forum


So in your opinion and Manjaro, pacman should be dropped, and use the apt syntax.
Now what would happen if that was suggested on any other distro than Manjaro? Pacman is faster better suited to Arch and its spins, dnf is far superior to apt, so is the solus cli do you think they would dump superior package managers for apt,