Pamac CLI



Hi, with pamac 7.3.0 there are new features in cli:

  • the cli honors pamac preferences by default so if you enabled AUR no need to add --aur option
  • if AUR support is enabled, checkupdates action now also tells you the AUR packages marked as out of date
  • if AUR support is enabled, search action now shows you results in databases and AUR at the same time


Thanks for the updates!

Is adding support for update for *-git packages something you are considering?


not sure it’s always good: sometimes too many results
add option -r for only repo if AUR enabled ?


Oops, I totally forgot but YES it’s also a featured of v7.3.0:

  • use checkupdates --aur --devel options to see vcs packages updates


On new installs with pamac-mirrorlist.timer enabled (it’s enabled by pamac), the mirror is likely changing every week. So -Syyu is probably the better default command unless the user knows her mirrorlist is not being updated regularly.


Been playing around with pamac cli and love the checkupdates feature.
With pamac, what’s the difference with update and upgrade?
Which is the recommended one to use?


None. Both are synonyms for the exact same command.


Thanks for the quick reply.


hi have option for make this pamac build --adeps test ?

Best Regards


asdeps not exists (doc and code) with pamac-cli :disappointed_relieved:
you can only run after install

pacman  -D --asdeps  packageName