Pamac CLI Password prompt

When using pamac-cli and typing the password wrong, it exits without being able to simply retype it again like pacman does for example.

polkit-agent-helper-1: pam_authenticate failed: Authentication failure

This is painful when using pamac-cli in bash scripts for example.
Would it be possible to change that?

I don't think that is possible - it is a Pamac developer choice to fail on invalid authorization.

I made a feature request, let's see how that goes :wink:

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If you don't want to build package from AUR you can also run pamac with sudo in your script.

That is exactly the issue because I use it to update the AUR in a bash script and can't use sudo :see_no_evil:

Ok but it can't be easily done. The only solution would be to code our own polkit agent.

I did already fear something like that, but wasn't sure about the implementation in Pamac.
Do you think it's worth bringing this topic to upstream as a feature request?
Thanks for looking into it!

Yes you can. Know pamac-cli uses pkttyagent.

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