Pamac cli completion

are there plans to develop completion for pamac like pacman/apt? autocomplete packages to install or remove would be great to have.

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On the Gnome edition, since zsh was set to default instead of bash, the autocompletion works just fine. Is that what you are looking for?

I don’t use zsh so that maybe why. I just tried it out and the default configurations don’t support completion for pamac. Is there a script I have to install for completions

There are no completions written for Pamac.

However, you can teach cod to learn the completions. It’s very handy. You can find it in the AUR.


Sorry, my comment was a bit off topic and misleading. What zsh does is use history and completion of that, so in case of a new package install there will be no completion …

cod looks very handy.

however it doesn’t seem to autocomplete {install, remove} without a custom parser and package completions aren’t supported.