Pamac change " enter a selection " to "enter a selection seperated by commas"

when choosing optional dependencies in pamac it shows

Enter a selection (default=none):

The first thing i tried is

Enter a selection (default=none): 1 3

but it prompted me again so i tried

Enter a selection (default=none): 1,3

I think enter a selection (separated by commas) would make it little bit user friendly

change has to be done in line 2425

I tried to fork it and send a merge request but got “You must have permission to create a project in a group before forking.” . How do i fork it ? Sorry, I’m a noob when it comes to GitLab and my google search results aren’t very helpful. Maybe some of you can send a merge request i guess or should i create an issue in GitLab?

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For me the issue is already described in the quoted part: I am talking not about exact delimiter symbol, but about the comment content:

Instead of making secrets with short text

and to leave user to guess about delimiter symbol each app prefer,

better just to note it right there:

Enter a selection list via comma/space/whatever (default=none):

to make it absolutely clear without wasting a user time on tries where that tries should not be. better to save user efforts on googling their issues and to report bugs than to make them uncomfortable every typical step to make.

Also not selection, but selection list to make them able to understand about multiple choice selection ability.

To devs: please expose / show / advertise great functionality of an app (any app), do not hide it from user.

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for me, for resolve this issue, best is to accept several formats

1 2 3
1, 2, 3
1,2, 3

manjaro gitlab is “readonly”, users can only create issue but not fork
You can create an issue and insert a patch file


Dont forget about 1-3 :slight_smile:

This is actually the standard in things like pacman:

The package selection is specified using a space- and/or comma-separated list of package numbers.
Sequential packages may be selected by specifying the first and last package numbers separated by a hyphen (-).
Excluding packages is achieved by prefixing a number or range of numbers with a caret (^).
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How to properly note a range via dots 1..3 or 1...3?

What if I want 1..3,6-10
“all but”: “-4,-5” :slight_smile:
“all but” range: “-4…-5”

or as yay ?

Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)

but for optional dependencies all is always a bad selection ! so it’s not good to facilitate bad choices for users (with all and range)

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ok, we need just a special package to parse selection list into internal engine version - via comma/space/whatever with no need to re-invent a wheel.
I think it is so typical task that there should be a dedicated package as easy single solution for almost all usage scenarios.

? if you want make a PR, you know vala???
if you want space et more, only change L2444

string[] splitted = ans.split (",");

can change split() by spliset(" ,;")

And, read the code before fork :wink: exists - for range !

if you want .. or - for range, not include extern lib, only add one line

string = string.replace ('..', '-')

But i was only considering editing that string not the actual code

I don’t recall anyone reporting on forum about this problem when installing multiple dependencies

Usage of a CSV list is mentioned a few times in man pamac (and man pacman)

multiple packages can be specified by separating them with comma

IMO this should be explained further in the wiki before considering changes to CLI command

If the CLI command text was changed it would need an exception for packages with only one dependency

How about something like this:

Enter a selection (for multiple items use a comma separated list, i.e. 1,2,3. default=none): 

This covers everything and makes everyone happy.

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It is not a problem installing, it is problem first to know ability of using multiple choice. These no signs to know that multiple choice permitted there.

I don’t recall

“If I don’t remember or nobody reported it, than it is not a problem.”
The assumption looks erroneous for me: to mention something good while the problem could be just was not exposed / reported.
“Nobody reported a software vulnerability, that’s why a system has not any vulnerability”.
“If we do not know a life present sings in whole Universe, then life is absent in whole Universe except the Earth planet”.

And If under the “I don’t recall” was meant that the problem is absent, than this sentence has no payload: it is the same like to post in announcements branch “all went smooth, update has no issues for exact configuration”. OK. for exact configuration, but leave a space to other configurations to discuss their problems.

That simple things should not be link users to wiki (yes, but it could be doubled in it: “to apply your choice, hit Enter button on your keyboard after your answer. BTW, that keyboard should be connected to that PC…”): it is “read the book” approach before to know if a some field in a some form is a required filed or to describe simple things in wiki.

It could be solved fully via changing the question text from current to some more descriptive one. No need to read manual on simple things, the issue will be solved if to mention the format:
a) to note that multiple items could be selected
b) to note (may be to change it also space/comma) the delimiter symbol to use.

nikgnomic, please do not take it too personal, I worked with it like just other opinion to check: just focused on the problem.
I saw many helpful posts from you, I am not ideal (may be I failed this time in the topic) and could be wrong, may be the idea you posted was not ideal.

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Attempting an argumentum ad ignoratum after post #1 reported a problem would be pointless

But I cannot find another relevant post on Manjaro. so I can say that the absence of previous reports suggests that most users have not experienced this problem
This comment is easy to rebut if anyone can find a forum link to another example of a user not knowing about CSV list format

The closest related comment I can recall from searching both Manjaro fora is this:
[pacman-mirrors] v4.3-rc1 ready for review - Unstable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum
that is related to pacman-mirrors and OP already knew about CSV list, but used one too many commas

IMO the problem of not knowing about use of a CSV list in pamac has been resolved by the documentation

Use of CSV list is also mentioned in pamac --help

 $ pamac install -h
Install packages from repositories, path or url

pamac install [options] <package(s),group(s)>

  --ignore <package(s)> : ignore a package upgrade, multiple packages can be
                          specified by separating them with a comma
  --overwrite <glob>    : overwrite conflicting files, multiple patterns can be
                          specified by separating them with a comma
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