Pamac build capt-src don’t work

Hello Linux friend, nerds I do have a strange problem

In my KDE Manjaro 21.0.7 I get error that that does not work

In terminal run: pamac build capt-src

And I got error not working that capt-src does not work or not exist in aur repository

Any one have the same problem

Best regards
Peter Linux Nuub!

capt-src exists.

Please post the exact output of that command.

You also will want to read the pinned comment.


This is the answer I gotten

The HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response status code indicates the user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time (“rate limiting”). Sounds like you’re querying the AUR too often.

Oookej did it one time

You can be rate limited if you’re using a VPN or proxy. If not, try again later.

Please paste terminal output, not screenshots or photos.

okej then i know