Pamac aware of CTAN texlive

Dear All,
I have an independent TexLive 2021 installation on /usr/local/texlive/2021 and it works fine. However, I have problems during upgrades since I have to be careful that the manjaro texlive does not get installed. My query is: is it possible to have a way that pacman understands/recognise the installed texlive and uses the same during its usual upgrade via CTAN. I know of the package tllocalmgr-git, but trying to install it would automatically install texlive-bin and hence override the installed texlive on my system.

You can put the packages which should be excluded from updating in the ignore list of pacman.conf by

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Then add

IgnorePkg = package_name


#IgnorePkg =

Save the file and reboot. Then you could normally update.

But, is there an alternative way to use tllocalmgr, i.e., install it without texlive-bin and then use it?

The solution for your problem is creating and installing a ‘dummy’ package (a pkgbuild that says texlive is installed and nothing more), note that dummy pkgbuilds are prohibited and can’t be uploaded on the AUR

I can make one when I’ve finished the things I’m working on right now

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Thanks, that would be greatly appreciated. Apart from usual upgrades, there are some other packages, for instance xournalpp which would require LaTeX installed on system, and whenever you try to install it, texlive-bin would be installed. If pacman could understand the existence of texlive then it would not do so and hence xournalpp would take the kpsewhich arguments to get the settings… So your dummy package could be helpful…

Dumb question: why not use the package from the Manjaro repositories?

On a side note – not knowing how CTAN works – you could have the CTAN application in your home rather than installed system wide. That will prevent conflicts with the Manjaro installed package.

If you don’t have git installed

sudo pacman -S git


git clone
cd PKGBUILD-AUR_fix/zz_wip_and_test/texlive-dummy
makepkg -i

Good question; I am used to TeXlive from CTAN and its updating. This time when I tried to install the package from repositories I found that Manjaro texlive-core, texlive-bin installs in another root directory, not /usr/local/, and in the end was broken. I could not get it to work: the pdflatex compilation did not recognise the .tex files in the compilation directory, even after giving values to the TEXINPUT variable in my .bashrc. In the process, I noticed that the package is actually broken and it is noted in TeX Live: ArchWiki page and the tlmgr needs tweaking before it can work. Thus, it seems that the repository texlive is not functional out of the box, and I shifted to my usual upgrade process.

May be this could be a better solution; but the package needs to be fully functional, out of the box like others, before one can rely on it.

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Hi. There is an AUR package texlive-installer

This packages provides the installer of texlive. It also tricks Arch into thinking it has its texlive packages installed.

So strictly it is not a dummy package but will do for the same purpose.