Pamac Aur



Aur in pamac was really weired on my computer today it did not ask me to look at the src files of the package. Was something changed on that level or is something wrong?



P.S. Is it me or was the forum deleted and recreated?


Yes. Pamac now uses it’s own implementation of AUR support, instead of yaourt.
And so far, you cannot edit files with Pamac.

If you still want to edit PKGBUILDS you should use yaourt to install the package:


Which I am totally opposed to! Hiding input/output from users is not what Linux is all about. But for babysitting purposes, I suppose it is OK…


Agreed. I’ve raised the problem on the github of Pamac, I want to be able to view/edit PKGBUILDS before installing it.


I want to ask if some APP from AUR uses the newer packages version than Manjaro Repo, is there a way to prevent that?


I mean install AUR apps from pamac


yep packages should be viewable since anyone can add something to aur and it should be double checked when installing,


The fact is people who has the knowledge base of PKGBUILD editing, they would most likely use yaourt/pacaur.


Pamac it self has never asked for that.
Pamac used to run the yaourt command in a terminal window, but does not anymore, since it does it by itself now.