Pamac AUR search suggestion

Not a feature request but a just suggestion for consideration (I am not by any means a software or graphics designer :sweat_smile:)
Regaring the AUR search API being flooded with autosearch triggers and the temporary workaround of not searching the AUR by default and only searching it when AUR section is clicked, I am just suggesting something which might be simpler to understand.
A checkbox like shown below can be created beside the searchbox which, if checked will check for packages everywhere, including AUR, and show them in the “All” result category. If not checked, only repos (& snaps, …) will be searched.

I am not aware if this can be implemented or will be vivable or not, but …, just a suggestion. :wink:

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If someone wants to use flatpaks and snaps, hence they install libpamac-flatpak-plugin and libpamac-snap-plugin, the list of those packages will be right between All and AUR side tab. With your proposal, either all are promoted in the top menu bar, or the entire UI will be a joke …

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That is the same as tapping AUR in the left column.


Just use pamac search package in the terminal, it is faster than the GUI :slight_smile:


@bogdancovaciu, @linux-aarhus I get your point. But unlike AUR (yes, I know the reason), snap and flatpak results get displayed in “All” category irrespective of the separate categories listed below. While I know I can click the “AUR” in the left column to get results from AUR, the fact that the results are not displayed in “All” category can sometimes be quite confusing for complete newcomers. Hence the suggestion for a checkbox for AUR (if that promotes AUR, then something like Exclude AUR, maybe).
But if the Manjaro team thinks it’s not necessary or they have something else in mind, it’s completely fine with me. :slightly_smiling_face:

And that is the logical mistake i pointed out in one bug report on gitlab. While apparently the wish is to have ALL as default search, but due to AUR problems it was removed from ALL, i proposed that exactly how you build a house and the foundation holds ALL above it, the search categories should be:

  • repositories
  • installed
  • plugins like
    – snap
    – flatpak

then you will have

  • ALL

Whenever you type a search, or modify the search, it should default to Repositories. You select ALL or AUR it shows the results for your query, but if you start typing, it defaults to Repositories and searches for the new query, then you can click on the next in line.

Regarding the checkbox in the Header Bar, is against the guidelines Header Bars - GNOME Human Interface Guidelines documentation

My proposal was not welcomed or probably not understood and probably there are other ways to deal with all this. Not sure if the search is directly connected in the code with the Updates, but updates will always show ALL the available updates … hence was put on top of the side list.

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The auto suggestion will come back in due time, and these complain/discussion about AUR needing a click currently to show results would be irrelevant. Wait for it, it will come back.


Yes, waiting is best

I did a test with this new database, a plasma gui still in beta


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