Pamac 10.3.0-6 memory leak

After latest stable update 15/04/2022, while using Pamac to install and browse packages sometimes it suffers from memory leak, this problem was not present at all in previous updates where I often opened it for long time and used it without any problem.

The current version of pamac-gtk is 10.4.0-1, you are not up to date. See Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro

EDIT: See below :point_down:

I’m on stable branch, I will wait for it :slight_smile: and see if it’s fixed.

Sorry, usually the same version of Pamac is available in all branches. I’m not sure why the latest version isn’t in the stable branch. Usually @philm takes care of that. I’ll check with him and see.

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Turns out that’s what you’ll have to do unless you want to switch to the testing or unstable branch. Some packages are agnostic and can be pushed to other branches with no issues, however in this case this does not apply.

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