Pamac 10.0.0beta-1 : cannot edit build files

I’ve installed AUR packages before my last pamac update ( 10.0.0beta-1) and I used to edit build files. But now, with this new version I’m not able to do it because the option is already set to :

To build (1):
dog-dns-git 0.1.0.r24.ga002db8-1 (0.1.0.r8.ge9f5577-1) AUR
Edit build files ? [e]
Apply transaction ? [y/N] y
Building dog-dns-git…
==> ERROR: dog-dns-git is not available for the ‘aarch64’ architecture.

I used to be able to build it even if it was not set to my architecture.

I’ve looked at the /etc/pamac.conf but didn’t find anything useful for my issue and the wiki is really out of date… :frowning:

@guinux Any idea about this?

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This is because the PKGBUILD do not contain ''aarch64" in the arch=() array and this will make any attempts to use the PKGBUILD fail on unsupported architectures.

If you are convinced the package should work on arm edit the PKGBUILD and modify to include aarch64 and rebuild the package.

The easiest way is to use git clone on the package from AUR then cd into the folder and edit the PKGBUILD - then rebuild using makepkg eventually add -s if dependencies are required.


With pamac 9.x I was able to install AUR packages (pamac install xxx) and edit directly the build files. Now with this version I’m unable to do it. The option seems still here but is bypassed.

As displayed type “e” instead of “y” to edit build files :grin:

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you’re right ! But the question is not clear IMHO : you see the “e” but there is another question and this answer is not proposed only yes or no…

Ah, so the “e” is for edit. :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t know that, I thought it was a translation thing gone wrong.

As I said, it’s not clear with this new version : with the older version you had 2 questions : do you want to edit files ? (Y/N) and after you’ve answered another question if you want to apply transaction (Y/N). Now, you go directly to the last one and can add the answer of the first one…

I could change this if many people think it’s not clear. The idea was to only have one question so you can go further directly if you don’t want to edit build files.

Could you at least change the options y/n to y/e/n ?

Could you add an option that automatically selects and adds the local architecture even if it is not officially supported? (Something to set in pamac.conf, alwaystrylocalarch=yes for instance)

This could be something like what makepkg -A does, which is ignore architecture in PKGBUILD.

Yes that’s the idea ! I’m not good at naming variables… you can choose anything else ! :wink:

ignorearch=yes ?

Will be fixed to e/y/N

Great, I think it’s clearer ! And what do you think about “ignorearch” idea ?

Seems to be a less common required feature, edit PKGBUILD sounds to be a better approach.

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