Palemoon version does not match with Language Pack version

I have installed pale moon and language pack from official repositories. But it not compatible. Language Pack (Ru) version in the pamac is 28.15.0-1, but version in the browser is 29.0.0rc8…Please help, how fix it?

It says it’s the same version

Packages Stable Testing Unstable Repository
palemoon-bin 28.15.0-1 28.15.0-2 28.15.0-2 community
Packages Stable Testing Unstable Repository
palemoon-i18n-ru 28.15.0-1 28.15.0-1 28.15.0-1 community

Uninstall palemoon and add it again :man_shrugging:

yes. I also have the same versions in the repositories

It does not help

Where did you install palemoon from? The other thing you can do is download the language extension of that version from Github and add it.


Delete palemoon-i18n-ru 28.15.0-1 first

install palemoon from pamac. official repo (community).

I delete palemoon-i18n-ru 28.15.0-1, but cannot install Russian by your link. I got a message: Russian (RU) Language Pack could not be installed because it is not compatible with Pale Moon 28.15.0.

So you have installed 28.15 not 29
Russian 28.15.0

It’s weird that the official repo language pack doesn’t work

It link works. Russian (RU) Language Pack has been installed succesffully

its good. but after every update i need manually update Lang pack from official site or github. its not very comfortable. So what other ideas to make the lang pack work from the repo?

@oberon is the packager so I ping them

In the next update it should be solved and you don’t need to install the .xpi from github :wink:

Thanks! I Hope

Just update system, but the error is still here. :face_with_head_bandage:

Did you remove the language plugin first and then update?

yes. now i RE-install language plugin, but it doesn’t help too

You can use the official language packs from the palemoon page. Addons langpack-ru