Palemoon: Discourse drop down menu boxes stopped working


When I checked the forum today, I was surprised by a change in theme (dark went to light). When I went to fix the theme, I couldn’t select anything from the drop down menu box to change themes. The arrow popped the selections, but I can’t select a new value with a mouse click. The click just closes the drop down and the original value remained unchanged. None of the drop boxes work today with palemoon.

I had to switch to chromium to fix my theme and post this. I reproduced the drop down problem on my skylake desktop (palemoon 27.9.4 - Manjaro Cinnamon 17.11.1) and on my baytrail 2-in-1 (palemoon 27.9.2 - Mint 19) It feels like something changed in discourse itself, since neither system has had any updates yet today. The forum was working fine yesterday. I have a work-around (chromium), but…

Epilogue: Palemoon 28.0.0b5 beta works as expected

Pale Moon cannot post new topics
Pale Moon cannot post new topics

palemoon is not exactly always up to date with current protocols etc …
Based on your tests you know what the issue is.

(the only other things to rule out would be cache/profile - clean cache/history, try safe mode, try new profile, clean up PSD if you use it)


Palemoon can change its user agent: its native Goana or Firefox or Chromium compatibility mode.


Have you cleared your browser cache? Nine times out of ten issues with Discourse are due to out-of-date cached assets.


I tried Firefox and the drop downs work properly. I toggled this in about:config general.useragent.compatMode.firefox;true and the drop downs are still broken in palemoon. Clearing the cache on both systems had no effect.

So I’ve got 2 browsers that still work on the forum. IMO, something changed at the forum website since yesterday. Apparently, either not many people are still using Palemoon or there is something weird at my house affecting two unrelated systems.


Probably this:


Thanks for looking into that. The update explains the theme reset, at least to me. The drop down box “code” must have been updated, apparently beyond what Palemoon can handle.

FWIW, safe mode didn’t solve the problem either. Time to check the palemoon forum. I have to conclude that maybe it is time to export my bookmarks and pick another primary browser.


Palemoon beta 28.0.0b5 does correctly handle the “improved” drop down boxes. Thanks for all the help @cscs, @eugen-b and @jonathon.


Palemoon 28 will be an improvement, once it’s released. It seems to run a bit faster and it now renders some other websites that recently changed like I guess PM is not dead yet! :tada: