Pairing a bluetooth device to multiple PCs

I recently got some bt headphones. I have it paired with my Manjaro notebook and an Android phone. When I want to switch from one to the other I have to delete the device and pair it up again. Same happens with an xbox controller. It would be great to be able to disconnect from the phone and connect on Manjaro.

Is this normal with bt peripherals? Or maybe my headphones are using an old version of bt protocols and it can be done with newer ones?

There is this file in /var/lib/bluetooth/{bluetooth_mac_address}/{headphone_address}/info which contains a key, This key needs to be the same in both devices for that specific bluetooth device. If your android phone is rooted you might be able to pull it of though I don’t think the location of said file you need to edit is the same as in a Linux distro.

These examples explain how it’s done if it were two Linux distros or a Linux one and windows/mac.


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