PacUI: Bash script providing advanced Pacman and Yay/Pikaur/Aurman/Pakku/Trizen/Pacaur functionality in a simple UI



I agree but decide on a project wide AUR helper to replace it?


aurman or yay.
yay is the most likely easy candidate because of syntax…
but octopi only support yaourt/trizen ATM


i was recently told, that aurman is quite slow:
this is the reason i do not like it as much anymore.


It is, I agree.
(this has to do with its ‘problem solving’ and handing back and forth, I would guess)

So sticking with yay then?
It just needs to fall back gracefully in some situations.
EX (why need sudo here? why not let us choose ‘0’?):

$ yay aurman
2 aur/aurman-git 2.16.8.r0.g73a22b7-1 (+14 2.64%) 
    AUR helper with almost pacman syntax
1 aur/aurman 2.16.8-1 (+147 67.10%) (Installed)
    AUR helper with almost pacman syntax
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)
==> 0
[sudo] password: XXXXX
error: no targets specified (use -h for help)

But its pretty actively developed last I looked so I should probably just create an issue ticket.


i agree.
compared to 4 months ago, pretty much all AUR helpers have plenty of features and are rather comfortable to use.


i have just release pacui 1.11:

this should make pacui faster and fix a couple of noticeable bugs for everybody. please be reminded that yaourt is no longer supported!

i have already uploaded it to the AUR and the manjaro PKGBUILD repo. @Ste74 is packaging it for the unstable manjaro branch at the moment.


@excalibur1234 Please remove duplicate entry for pacman-mirrors in PKGBUILD and PKGBUILD_AUR, thanks!


wow. i do not know how this has happened.
thanks for noticing it.

it is changed:


There is a reverted behavior on AUR upgrade which is not documented (?).
I am asked to exclude packages from upgrade instead of select to include (or all) as it was before.
How does this work? Or is it I missed something?
(I checked --help BTW, no mention)


sorry, but what exactly are you talking about?

if you are talking about the “force update aur” option of pacui, i have to disappoint you:
pacui calls your AUR helper with (almost) the same commands as it did before. if this option’s behavior has changed, its is very likely caused by your AUR helper.

when you use yay as AUR helper for example, pacui only executes

yay -Syu && yay -Syu --devel --needed --noconfirm

you can execute this command in your terminal and it will result in exactly the same behavior.


No, just normal update system (1st option).
After a rethinking, I had just installed yay, while before I had only trizen for helpers. Maybe this change I saw was the different way of these two helpers (I had no experience in none standalone, only yaourt).
The difference is

with trizen or yaourt ?

with yay?
Can you confirm that?

It’s not so easy to get disappointed by PacUI :joy:


if the update (option 1) fails, the user is offered to forcefully install udpates (if a connection to the mirror server is present):

the part in the “help” page describing this is the second to last line (in front of "Attention: ") here:

"sudo pacman -Syu"
"yaourt -Syua"
The first command compares a list of all installed packages with package database on your system repository mirror/server. If an updated package is available from your system repositories, it will get downloaded and installed on your system.
The second command does the same as the first part, but with one exception: It also downloads, compiles, and installs all packages from the Arch User Repository (AUR), which have an updated PKGBUILD file. The first command is still needed occasionally, because major Pacman updates require "pacman -Syu" and will fail when started with an AUR helper.
If updates from system repositories fail, the user is offered the choice to update packages using "sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite A-Z,a-z,0-9,-,.,_".
Attention: When a new version of an AUR package is available, sometimes the PKGBUILD file is not updated. If you want to install the latest version of a single AURpackage, (re-)install it with INSTALL PACKAGES. If you want to install the latest versions of ALL AUR packages use FORCE UPDATE AUR.

this has probably happened to you.
it is actually a feature.

old versions of pacui had “force update”, “force remove packages”, and “force install packages” options. the first 2 options got integrated in the “update system” (option 1) and “remove packages and deps” (option 4), in case these options fail.

“force install packages” was NOT integrated in another pacui option but completely removed, because of multiple reasons:

  • if the package installation fails, there is something fundamentally wrong with your system and you should fix it first.

  • whenever i just want to look at package info, i use “pacui i” (option 3) and instead of installing a package, i quit pacui with CTRL+C. if “force install packages” were integrated, i had to quit it as well. this is really uncomfortable.

i am currently using yay, too. but an update has not failed for me for a long time. this means, i cannot tell you yay’s behavior in this case.
but yay offers you to show PKGBUILD differences before you update an AUR package. maybe, you are talking about this?


Look at the second item of FAQ here:



I think it’s not needed, I did some yay update work and that was it. I haven’t used yay before and I thought it was pacui change.
Sorry for the noise @excalibur1234 !..
PacUI is great fun!


when you have other questions, feel free to ask them.
such questions often reveal areas of improvement - especially in pacui’s help page.

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Is it the expected behaviour if no AUR helper is installed? The output is when I select the option “3 Install packages”:

Enter string to filter list >   < 11308/11308                                  
  TAB key to (un)select. ENTER to install. ESC to quit.                        
> 0ad                                     Cross-platform, 3D and historicall.. 
  0ad-data                                Cross-platform, 3D and historicall.. 
  4ti2                                    A software package for algebraic, .. 
  6tunnel                                 Tunnels IPv6 connections for IPv4-.. 
  9base                                   Port of various original Plan9 too.. 
  a2jmidid                                A daemon for exposing legacy ALSA .. 
  a2ps                                    An Any to PostScript filter          
  a52dec                                  A free library for decoding ATSC A.. 
  aalib                                   A portable ASCII art graphic library 
│ /bin/bash: -c: line 14: conditional binary operator expected                │
│ /bin/bash: -c: line 14: syntax error near `"yay"'                           │
│ /bin/bash: -c: line 14: `                        elif [[  == "yay" ]]'      │
│                                                                             │
│                                                                             │


The option 4 gives normal info pane with name, version etc.


i have not noticed this problem, because i do my testing mostly with yay installed :wink:
thanks for your report.

this has been a problem for me and still is: i do not completely understand the bash code here. but i have fixed the problem with a workaround in the latest commit:

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Thanks for making Pacui, I just started using it and it seems a very helpful tool.

I have a couple of function-related questions / requests. Maybe these are already included in the program but I wasn’t able to figure it out…

  • When at the list of packages on the “install packages” page, is there a way to sort by number of votes/popularity on Aur?
  • Is there a way to see which packages of those listed there are already installed? I can deduce it from the information box, but that’s not a very fast way.
  • Why aren’t the Aur descriptions listed in the overview list like the packages from official repo’s are?
  • Would it be possible to have some sort of visual indicator that packages are in the Aur?