PacUI: Bash script providing advanced Pacman and Yay/Pikaur/Aurman/Pakku/Trizen/Pacaur functionality in a simple UI



Based on its git page (and mentions by @c00ter) it seems that trizen might be a viable successor to pacaur. I’ll do some testing and research and see if we should add it to repos…


I’ve installed trizen and integrated into my normal workflow - updating system, added to @Chrysostomus 's update-check.

It has an issue when doing trizen -Su in that it keeps asking to update pacui-git , which I do not get with pacaur or yaourt:

:: Starting full system upgrade...
 there is nothing to do
:: Package qemu-launcher is unmaintained!
 1. pacui-git: 1.8.r30.g9e90d53-1 ==> r628.gf15de67-3

=>> Select packages for upgrade (default: all)

Other than that it looks promising.


up to now, i like yay, because its syntax is simple. on the other hand, installing 200mb of “go” (only as a makedepend) is kind of strange.

trizen installs many perl packages (but not very large in size).

aurutils is supposed to create a local repository instead of using pacman’s cache directory. i have not tested it yet, but has the least amount of dependencies.

maybe, my PKGBUILD file of pacui-git contains an error, which prevents the AUR helper tool to resolve the latest version number of git packages?
i am not an experienced packager at all. it would be great, if somebody has some suggestions to solve this problem.


i have just integrated a check for AUR helpers before the UI is loaded. if no AUR helper is found, a warning message is printed.

i have also changed the code to easily support multiple AUR helpers. in order to test this, i have included “yay” support (i needed about 15min for it), because this is the AUR helper i have recently tested.

when i am done testing trizen and aurutils, i will include support for them (if i like them).


hi all,
i use the old and good Pacli and it is 100% :wink:

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


does pacli still work properly?

the “clean system” option should be broken, because the syntax of pacman-mirrors has changed. but i am not sure, whether “pacman-mirrors -g” still works (with a displayed warning), or whether it is deprecated completely.

if pacli works for you and does everything you want to do, i recommend you stick with it. it is open source, so you can even fix bugs yourself when they occur.

have you ever done a survey, what the kibojoe users prefer? pacli or pacui?

pacui contains currently about 2000 lines of code (it has started with about 400 lines of code). i have reduced its options to 15 (but it can do much more than pacli). currently, i am working on support for many AUR helpers…


i have just added trizen support to pacui.

i had to disable the info preview on the right side for yay, because strangely it requires root privileges for it (and this messes up fzf). i will enable it again as soon as this bug is fixed.


Just tried yay - fails…

:: 1 Packages to upgrade.
0  aur/firefox-always-nightly   		59.0a1.20171230100110-1 -> 99.0a1-20
Enter packages you don't want to upgrade.
==> Installing firefox-always-nightly
==> Directory exists. Clean Build? [y/N] y
==> Edit PKGBUILD? [y/N] n
Error installing firefox-always-nightly : invalid variable: 


When you have chosen the desired aur helper to depend on, notify me so I know to add it to the repos.


Tested now with trizen. Trizen seems to be a legit contender for the title.


Hey. Interesting!
I was just checking/mentioning that the other day. Do I get kudos for it? I want the kudos.

…So then that brings a larger set of depends [perl*] - no reservations about it ?


trizen brings many (but relatively small) perl dependencies with it, yes.
yay brings one large go (make) dependency with it.

i do not plan to make trizen a hard dependency of pacui, though. instead, i have implemented a check for AUR helpers being installed on the users system. (the UI of) pacui does not start without an AUR helper. this should prevent users facing a “broken” pacui and advanced users can still choose their preferred AUR helper.


i have just fixed the problem of pacui-git being shown as outdated when doing an update using trizen. you simply need to install the latest pacui-git version.
the version number no longer corresponds to the release version (e.g. 1.8.1), but only on the number of github commits (e.g. r721).


Just updated and now no longer have the problem :sunny: :smile:


i have just worked on the “config” and “fix” options without changing anything the user should notice. i basically improved security and handling of some edge cases. please report, if one of those options is not working as previously anymore.

i have also added the preview window to the list view of “t”, “rt”, and “ls” options. please test this feature and report any bugs you may find.


Hoping we can make a new release soon.


is there something, which makes a release advantageous or necessary?
everybody, who wants the latest version can install pacui-git from the AUR.

about an hour ago, i have thought about a release, but when doing big features, i think at least a week of testing before a release is a good thing.

one more thing: you have mentioned above that you like trizen and want to put a maintained AUR helper (besides yaourt) in the manjaro repositories. have you decided which AUR helper to package?


I want support for different aur helpers on iso :slightly_smiling_face:. Also, the git version does not provide pacui, which many packages depend on, so using the git version makes bothersome extra work.

Currently trizen has been the best I tried. Any others you would recommend trying? Aurutils seemed a bit cumbersome because of its nonmonolithic approach.


i just fixed that with the relase of pacui-git a couple of minutes ago.
also, i have just seen your request on the AUR for the same thing :grin:

i have not tested aurutils yet, because you need to manually setup a local repository. this is the reason i have implemented support for it in pacui.
but if there is somebody here, who is familiar with it (and can answer a couple of my questions), i can still implement support for it rather quickly.

i hope you have seen my comment above:

this means there will not be a hard dependency for an AUR helper in pacui (except, you can give me a good reason for it). at least, i have integrated a couple of warnings when AUR helpers are missing.


Would it be possible to implement pacui so that it just uses pacman if no aur helper is present?