PacUI: Bash script providing advanced Pacman and Yay/Pikaur/Aurman/Pakku/Trizen/Pacaur functionality in a simple UI

pacui 1.12 has been tagged. here is a short changelog:

i have just updated the PKGBUILD of pacui on gitlab. @Ste74, can you upload it to the manjaro repository?

i have just updated the PKGBUILD of pacui-git on gitlab. @Ste74, can you upload it to the manjaro repository?

all PKGBUILDs on github have been updated. @keegan, can you update “pacui” in the React-OS repositories?


British humor??..

This enables the user to not follow Arch Linux recommendations in order to fix common keyring problems automatically.

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Done :+1:

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If it was British humour it would be something to do with how it rains all the time because the clouds are ahead of the sun in the weather queue…

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This enables the user to not follow Arch Linux recommendations in order to fix common keyring problems automatically.

Oof, savage.

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if you - or anybody else - wants to discuss this subject, please do it in this thread:

please read posts no. 2 and 4 before discussing anything with me. these posts (and the announcement of pacui 1.12) sum up all my work i have done so far to “comply” with arch linux recommendations/rules/philosophy/or however you want to call it.


in the past, multiple users wanted to quit PacUI’s interface by simply pressing ‘q’ instead of needing to press ‘q’ followed by ‘ENTER’.

i have just implemented this:

unfortunately, there is a drawback:
the first entered character cannot be deleted anymore (e.g. by using ‘BACKSPACE’). for example: you enter ‘12’ in order to display a list of (almost) all your packages sorted by size. but instead of displaying that list you change your mind and want to see a list of all installed packages. this could be done with option ‘4’. but when you start to press ‘BACKSPACE’, ‘12’ is reduced to ‘1’, but pressing ‘BACKSPACE’ again does not delete ‘1’.

you can test this drawback in pacui-git version r943+
i have already contacted Ste74, who will build and upload this version of manjaro repositories.

can you please test this version and tell me, whether pacui-git r943+ or pacui 1.12 is better in your opinion.

  • pacui-git r943 with single ‘q’ (or ‘0’) for quit is better
  • pacui 1.12 without drawback is better

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When typing a word in the search, it searches for every package with that phrase, including the within the description. Is there a way to make it so that it only looks for packages with that phrase within the name?

it was a conscious choice to search both package names and descriptions.

the search supports regex, which means you can search for e.g.


to find all lines (i.e. packages) beginning with the string "java".

please look here for more examples how to search:


It uses regex, so if you prepend your search with ^ it will search only from the beginning of the line. Of course, this means you cannot search from the middle of the package name. But if you know how the packagename starts, it helps. Also remember that you can have multiple search terms by separating them with a space.


Hey @excalibur1234

pacui needs some modification for the new kernel/mkinitcpio method
I proposed an alternative.
Use whatever you think is better... :wink:

thanks for mentioning the other topic!

i am currently in the process of fixing all the bugs i have noticed in pacui.
unfortunately, i am not at my computer, which means i cannot commit all changes upstream as they happen but i will have to do that manually when i am back.

i have noticed the mentioned problem, too.
your suggestion might work on manjaro (i cannot check this at the moment), but it definitely does not work on arch linux.
i have to think about a solution, which works on both systems and commit the changes, which i can only do at my computer. this might take a couple of weeks.

I haven't thought about this... :scream_cat:
I may give it another review :wink:

You might wanted to consider m1ms as alternative for pacman-mirrors but it's only for Manjaro.
Just promoting... :laughing:

Try this:
Line 439

for p in $( command ls -1 /usr/lib/modules/*/vmlinuz )
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i have decided to fix the problem by using your suggestion for Manjaro and ignore the installed kernel(s) check for Arch, etc.


you can see my modifications here:

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pacui is unable to show packag information and gives a syntax error

i have responded to you on github.
lets resolve this problem there.

feel free to share the solution here with everybody, when we are done.

i have just released pacui 1.13 on and

changelog is available here:

@Ste74 can you build the PKGBUILD i have uploaded to gitlab (see link above)?

@keegan can you build pacui for ReactOS with the PKGBUILD files available on github (see link above)?


in a discussion in another topic and by repeated user recommendations, i hear recommendations to change the way PacUI's UI is controlled.

currently, the user can select an option by entering 1 or multiple letters / digits below the UI and pressing ENTER afterward.
This means that a single option could be started by entering a (multi digit) number or one (or multiple) letters.

It was recommended to change this behavior: an option should be selectable by pressing a single key only.
This means that a single option can only be started (from the UI) by entering a single number or letter (e.g. 1 to 9 and A to E ).

here is poll. please choose your favorite behavior:

  • Select a PacUI option by entering 1 (or multiple) letters or numbers and pressing ENTER afterwards. This is the current behavior.
  • Select a PacUI option by entering 1 (but not more) letter or numbers from 1 to 9 and A to E.
  • Select a PacUI option by entering 1 (but not more) letter. Whenever possible, the letter is related to its options name/title.

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Hello @excalibur1234,

thank you for your fine work with pacui.
I wonder if it is possible to have this package also in the arm repro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have already installed it manually and it works so far. Thank you.

you have to talk to talk to a packager, who is willing to become the package maintainer for the ARM repo. if you have access to the ARM repos, you can build pacui yourself for these repos.
currently, @Ste74 is packaging pacui for the community x64 repo.

packaging pacui is really simple. i provide and maintain 3 PKGBUILD files on github:

the PKGBUILD file is meant for building "pacui" for x64, i386, and ARM repos.
the PKGBUILD-git file builds the current development version straight from github and creates "pacui-git".
the PKGUILB_AUR file was uploaded to the AUR, before pacui was thrown out of it.

when you tell me, who is willing to build pacui for the ARM repo, i can ping them in the future, whenever a new version is released.

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