Pacnew-chaser not working Gnome 40

Tried pacnew-chaser (from the AUR) using Gnome 40 DE.
Doesnot find any .pacnew.
List of *.pacnew at this time:
If exists @papajoke then what is wrong…

This is the script I use. Replace meld with another program if you prefer.

# Merge new *.pacnew configuration files with their originals

echo; echo; echo ".pacnew files found: $(/usr/bin/pacdiff --output | wc -l)"
        echo; /usr/bin/pacdiff --output; echo
        set -euo pipefail
        export PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin
        for i in $(/usr/bin/pacdiff --output); do
          echo "Merging $i ..."
          /usr/bin/meld "admin://$i" "admin://${i/.pacnew/}"
          echo; echo
          read -p "Delete the .pacnew file $i? " -n 1 -r
          if [[ $REPLY =~ ^[YyOo]$ ]]
              echo; sudo rm -v $i

If @papajoke cannot repair or do something else, I have to put your script into which location?
Think /usr/bin/ will a nice place or better in .zshrc?
I use Meld because of Firefox - CustomCSSforFx.
Script casts ERROR in Meld:

There was a problem opening the file
Der angegebene Ort wird nicht unterstützt
means probably:
unable to handle “admin:” locations ----> sudo?? ← No
What now? I can load the file with the Filerequester of Meld

User scripts go in user folders like ~/bin or ~/.local/bin.

Yep, it’s broken right now. You can use this instead for now. You’ll want to install zensu:

          gksu /usr/bin/meld "$i" "${i/.pacnew/}"
#          /usr/bin/meld "admin://$i" "admin://${i/.pacnew/}"

That works, thank You so much
(~.local/bin/test-pacnew) and use kdesu (I use Krusader for damaging system) :innocent:

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