Pacman wants to upgrade to unstable packages with mirrors set to stable

Recently I switched briefly to the unstable branch and updated all of my packages, however i changed my mind and reverted to an old backup on the stable branch. The first thing I did was explicitly set the pacman mirrors to stable. However -Syu gave me an error and wanted to update the database. After running -Syy, -Syu wants to install 4 gigabytes worth of unstable packages. Or at least I think they are unstable because they include gnome 45. What is happening?

You can check your current settings

pacman-mirrors --status

Perhaps you only changed branch in pacman-mirrors.conf manually and didn’t recreate the mirrorlist thus leaving the mirror list to use unstable branch.

Manually editing pacman-mirrors.conf doesn’t change anything unless you recreate the mirror list using the new config.

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The one and only proper way to change branches is

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch {branch}

Can be easily found in the Manjaro wiki:

When you return from unstable to stable you could either synchronize to the stable database by

sudo pacman -Syuu

or you just wait until the package versions from unstable reach stable, it’s usually safe to do so.


I changed branch with

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch {branch}

cheched pacman-mirrors.conf and it also showed stable

The one and only proper way to change branches is

this is how i switched branches but still nothing.

I also tried running this command

sudo pacman -Syuu

but still with no luck. Yeah I have no problem with waiting but frickin discord dude.

What, like the latest Stable Update does?

Why assume?

(I suppose seems down right now …)

But … Gnome 45 is in Stable.

See a mirror like here:

Or the update announcement here:

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