Pacman update or Pamac update?

Hi everyone,

New to Manjaro, and I’ve been loving it. But I have a question about updating. I’ve been updating by doing ‘sudo pacman -Syu’ in terminal. But I was just reading through the wiki and it talks about Pamac, and for updating through CLi to use the ‘pamac upgrade’ command.

So which one should I be using? I know with the pamac way I can add -a to it to update the AUR too. I’m sure there’s a way with pacman to do this as well I just haven’t bothered to look.

Also…should I be installing software with the pamac or pacman command? Just a tad confused on it all, coming from Ubuntu, where there was one repo and one command.

Anyways, a little help for this Manjaro noob would be greatly appreciated.


Either one.
I prefer pacman and update as you described. Never had breakage.

Some people like pamac … especially either its GUI or ‘more intelligible’ command-line syntax.

Between the two for upgrades it should be relatively the same. The same can be said for installing packages. Though pamac has built-in AUR support, and if you use pacman you need an AUR-helper to access it (like paru or yay).

So really … its up to you. I like pacman, so I use that exclusively.

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“Never had breakage.”

That’s really what I was looking for. If you use use pacman exclusively and it’s been working great, then that’s what I’ll continue to use as well.

Thank you so much for the info. Much appreciated.