Pacman -Syu not working on fresh installed Manjaro

I have got this err when running sudo pacman -Syu:

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing smbclient (4.15.2-1) breaks dependency 'smbclient>=4.17.5' required by samba

any help would be appreciated.

You might need to update your mirrors first:

sudo pacman-mirrors -g -f5
pamac update --force-refresh


In addition to what @mithrial said, you’d do well to always keep your Manjaro up-to-date. In fact, any time you try installing something with either pamac, pacman or one of the unofficial helpers, you’ll have to install the available updates that needs to be installed on your system. There’s no way to do otherwise, really. So just keep that in mind.

Further reading:

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