"pacman -S shadowsocks-libev" no service, but GUI app worked


in aim to connect my client computer to the remote server using shadowsocks proxy, i was searching on client for “manjaro shadowsocks”, found only Shadowsocks - ArchWiki where i think is suggested shadowsocks-libev, so i installed it: sudo pacman -S shadowsocks-libev

systemctl|egrep “shadow|ss” does not show any service.
ls /etc/{shadows,ss-} shows no directory
$ ss-client -> bash: ss-client: command not found

this is client computer on which i would like to run ss-client at boot. How should i proceed?

Update: sudo pacman -S shadowsocks-qt5 installed GUI application where i am able to add client configs and connect the server and it works. I have not tried reboot yet. Though in that app gui i have set “Start at login” so maybe app will start after i start pc and login, then i set one server connection to auto connect on application start.
So i guess it may work like this.