Pacman, pamac, yay, paru, etc. are not able to output search result in syntax highlighting

i am facing many problem while using manjaro
Right now i am using gnome desktop environment in manjaro
And my big problem is that popular package manager of manjaro linux (pacman, pamac, yay, paru) is not supporting syntax high lighting (color full mode) while output the search result
And some of package manager like yaourt has no option to output the result in ButtonUp mode
So, Any body have soultion of this problem then please help me!

Edit the file /etc/pacman.conf as root and uncomment the Color option under Misc options. Something like this:

# Misc options
# We cannot check disk space from within a chroot environment
ParallelDownloads = 5

Both yay and pacman will now show colored search output. You check with yay -Ss firefox if this setting applies or not:

Not sure how to do this on paru, pamac etc as I don’t use them.

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Thank you so much bro.

It’s working for me for yay, pacman and paru :smiley: :smiley:

Please do note that custom packages - that is those you build with any helper - is unsupported meaning you are on your own.

Can you help me to view ButtonUp search result in yaourt package manager (The search result are output in increasing order) , i want to output in decreasing order (ButtonUp)

Why are you using yaourt? It was deprecated 4 years ago. Not available in both arch repos and aur. Something is wrong here. I hope you are not confusing yay and yaourt. Both are different projects.

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This works for me with trizen

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