Pacman-mirrors status output details?

What is the meaning of the numeric output of the pacman-mirrors status command (eg. Mirror #1 OK ->00:03<- Netherlands [***])? Is it the time since synchronization in hours:minutes?

It is the elapsed time of the query to that particular mirror. Testing of the response time.


Good to know. Thanks for the response.

@linux-aarhus can confirm, but I believe it’s the time since that mirror has last synced from the master mirror in hh:mm format.

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The --status argument or when executing pacman-mirrors without any arguments will fetch

The digits displayed is the last_sync property expressed as hh:mm.

The master server check the registered mirrors at certain intervals. If the mirror has updated in between or shortly after such check - the mirror may be up-to-date but the master server doesn’t know that yet.

I don’t know the actual interval - it is the same data used on to display the status of the mirrors when they were last checked - a guess on the interval is 15 to 30 minutes - give or take.

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Thanks guys, I learned something new. :slight_smile:

Sorry to have misled you @RTinIB

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