`pacman-mirrors` not found on ArchBang

Trying to sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 for the first time and am getting pacman-mirror: command not found.

What am I missing here? I've used this a few times. pacman is installed on the machine. I just installed Arch Linux via ArchBang and I thought everything was working fine.

Wait, so I'm looking at this. Is pacman-mirrors a separate program from pacman? If so, I'm not sure how I borked that.

You're making a typing mistake.

Look closely:


I just typed that wrong, I can't access the forum from the machine I'm running the commands on. I know mirrors is plural.

I ran pacman -Qe and was able to verify that pacman-mirrors is not install

OK, so if pacman-mirrors is not found then it's because either:

  1. It's not installed (so install it), or
  2. You're not running Manjaro (so why are you asking on this forum?)

I'm going to exclude

  1. It's not in your $PATH

because if you altered the $PATH variable from the default then nothing else would be running either.

You're right, I'm running AcrhBang, I figured if I'm working with pacman, I could post the issue under "Applications". Is that not allowed?

And ArchBang forums have no answer for you? Why plague us here?


It would have made the issue much easier to diagnose if you're up-front about the distro you're using. Asking on one distro's forum for help with a different distro is generally not "the done thing" but we're generally pretty tolerant here.

As it is, pacman-mirrors is a Manjaro-specific application though it might be in the AUR.

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Pretty sure it's not in the AUR, since it relies on the status.json from the Manjaro Web repo to get mirror status.

It is not - it is way too specialized and Manjaro dependant.

On Arch you user reflector instead of pacman-mirrors


I had no idea it was Manjaro specific. I apologize. If i'd have know that, I wouldn't have asked here. Considered your comment marked as the solution and this matter closed.

It was one of the first things I mentioned. So I'd prefer if we didn't make it out like I was hiding information.

Thanks for changing the topic header to a more appropriate one, whomever. :slight_smile:

Because I can’t created an account on their forum because registration requires a command in terminal that’s not working. I’m assuming because I borked the install. It’s not like I’m spreading the Corona Virus here. Oh, Corona Virus gave me an idea. I’ll try that command on my Manjaro machine and see if it works.

Sorry that I woke you up @c00ter , now go have some coffee :blush:

Thanks, I’m looking into that right now

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Was just stating the necessity for morning coffee & pipeweed before delving into last night's threads. :wink: :wink: :wink:

P.S. Say hello to Mr. Green for me once if you get registered there. IIRC, I was never able to, and that was a few years back. :wink:

My current favorite Reflector command (since your registration says U.S., too)Assumes you do not have it installed.:

sudo pacman -S reflector

sudo reflector --country 'United States' --latest 200 --age 24 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist; rm -f /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.pacnew

sudo pacman -Syyu

EDIT: Folks, the above is for Arch systems. Don't try it in Manjaro.

error: failed to update core (no servers configured for repository)
error: failed to update extra (no servers configured for repository)
error: failed to update community (no servers configured for repository)
error: failed to synchronize all databases

I'm currently reading from the Arch Wiki regarding mirrors.
I'm guessing I didn't setup /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.

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I'm guessing I need to open mirrorlist as sudo? because I can't save the file.

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