Pacman-mirrors minor updates explained



The 4.2.1 update was a small update fixing an inconvenient exitcode when using --api --get-branch and it was a change in output and some minor cosmetics.

The 4.2.2 update was a small update fixing a regression bug as reported in this post

A text constant had gone missing. I can’t remember removing it but it was gone.

This missing constant only affected situations where a country having no mirrors was specified either on commandline, in pacman-mirrors.conf or in a custom-mirrors.json.

The effect would be pacman-mirrors stalling with an error stating the constant did not exist. Adding the constant in the file removed the error.

Cinnamon, Deepin and i3 17.0.3 release candidates

Might be time to introduce some automated testing. pacman-mirrors is now an integral part of Manjaro installations so we need to spot these things before deployment to ‘stable’.


There is a lot of tests being done with make test - I am very positive to new tests which can improve the finial result.


I have added ten more testcases each of which tests for the presence of specific string constants which - for now is in use.

With these it is not possible to accidentally remove a string constant without the entire testsuite failing.

So now we have 118 tests which being run when master repo is updated