Pacman-mirrors gives up too early

Below, I ask for 99, but only get 1, as the 2nd fails:

% sudo pacman-mirrors -f 99
::INFO Downloading mirrors from
::INFO Using custom mirror file
::INFO Querying mirrors - This may take some time
  ..... Australia      :

::ERROR Not Found ''

  1.108 Australia      :
::INFO Writing mirror list
::Australia       :$repo/$arch
::INFO Mirror list generated and saved to: /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

How to workaround this?

You have a custom mirror file. Probably because you chose your country.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all && sudo pacman-mirrors -f


I think they should be update. That what I’m thinking.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all

Customizing the mirror pool

If you, for various reasons, have a preference for specific mirrors, it is possible to create a personal mirror pool. This is done by supplying –interactive [–default] , –continent-- or --country argument.

A word of caution

Don’t limit yourself too much. Pacman-mirrors will only use up-to-date mirrors in the final mirrorlist. Also observe this: Your custom mirror pool will not be changed - even if a mirror leaves service or becomes unmaintained. It is your reponsibility to maintain your custom mirror pool in the event the official mirrorpool is changed.

– Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro Linux

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