Pacman is not updating : invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature)

Hallo all!

I am using PACMAN, usually successfully. A few days ago, while trying to update, I got this error:

Synchronizing package databases…
Error: sublime-text: signature from “Sublime HQ Pty Ltd” is unknown trust
Refreshing sublime-text.db…
Error: sublime-text.db: sublime-text: signature from “Sublime HQ Pty Ltd” is unknown trust
invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature)
Failed to synchronize databases
Failed to prepare transaction:
invalid or corrupted database

I have tried the various helps (Syu, Syuu) but nothing works.
is it possible to remove this Sublime? Or, how can I get PACMAN to function again?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Check Linux Package Manager Repositories and proceed again to add the GPG keys and update again.


Hi @neverfarts, and welcome!

I suspect this is applicable here:

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I am having the same issue as here, but this thread has no solution

Can you do it and reply about that, including relevant full terminal output.

how to do this? and, this sublime, if I remember correctly, didn’t come over pacman. how can I just remove it?

OK, so I think maybe this is what is happening. I am adding this comment in case anyone is also having issues with SUBLIME-TEXT preventing PACMAN from updating:
This URL is 404 not available:

Server = …

In the file:

Double click it to edit with some editor

it is mentioned:
Server = …

If you put # before, so it is like this:

server = …

PacMAN is updating again

I think this is the solution.

Not really as now you probably still have Sublime Text installed and it will not receive updates anymore. Remove also Sublime Text from the installed software now.

In the future don’t do things you don’t understand to your system. Only use the repositories to install packages and don’t follow blindly instructions from external sources if you don’t understand the consequences and how to maintain such external packages.

I would suggest you completely remove the modifications about Sublime Text in the pacman.conf file so it is like default.

how do i completely remove sublime-text?

please post the content of /etc/pacman.conf

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Actually the last post is a solution, follow the link and update the GPG key. (unfortunately I can’t edit it to correct the typo)

This is a common problem when using the sublime text repo, you need to update the GPG key, as @omano has already pointed out…twice.

An alternative is to remove sublime text, remove the sublime text repo from pacman.conf and install from another source such as the AUR.


It looks like you’ve only removed part of the sublime text repo, so now you need to either

  1. Revert that change and update the GPG key.


  1. Make sure pacman.conf is in a proper state (ie finish commenting out/removing the repo, if you haven’t already), and install sublime from another source (assuming you want it, if not uninstall sublime-text).

Whatever you do, you should post the contents of your pacman.conf here so we can check it.