Pacman is 0 bytes after interrupted update. Black screen on login

I started update process of Manjaro and got a long freeze. Pressed hard reset button. After that I got stuck on black screen instead of login, Ctrl+Alt+F3 doesn’t work.

Booted from Live USB, manjaro-chroot -a into my installed system. I tried to pacman -Syyuu but pacman was dead silent and I just got a new line inside terminal. Further investigation led me to a fact, that pacman inside /usr/bin and /bin of mounted system has a 0 bytes size. From this moment I don’t know what to do and how to rescue the system. Pacman-mirrors is 0 bytes too.

You can download core/pacman-static.pkg.tar.xz from any mirror and extract the binary while chrooted…


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Please read this:

and follow @papajoke 's excellent advice.


Exctracted, got two libraries (libarchive and gpgme) “file too short” error, extracted them too, but pacman can’t synchronize mirrors now. Pacman-mirrors gives me some syntax errors, but I’m not motivated to rescue system anymore, thanks for you help.

To prevent this from happening in the future, please read this: