Pacman has message "No package found"

Hi I’m using Manjaro xfce32-bit latest version.

When opening Pacman there is only a message saying no package found. The internet connection is working fine.

Trying to sync databases comes up with message "failed retrieving file community.db from …

I tried going to preferences and changing the server location but that didnt change anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Manjaro 32-bit is no more. You should change to Arch Linux 32-bit if you still want a 32-bit Arch distro.

I just installed it from the official website and it works fine just Pacman is not working. Are you saying it is impossible to use Pacman on the 32-bit version?

Yes. Since the repositories for 32-bit is no longer online.

And where on did you get the ISO?
I can’t see it in the menu anywhere.

Manjaro dot org/downloads/32bit/32bit-xfce/

There is no link to that on the website, so you are using an old link. :stuck_out_tongue:

The version is 18.0.4, while the current is 20.2. So it’s a couple of years out of date. :slight_smile:

Well its not my fault if someone searches on Google for manjaro 32-bit it comes up with that page. And the page has no indication that the version is out of date or supported. If the u works then it is live on the manjaro website and nobody has updated the page or removed it.

I’ve heard of arch Linux but I prefer something out of the box and that can be done in a few minutes.

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Maybe @codesardine should remove the page from entirely…?

Well I looked up arch Linux 32-bit support and apparently that will end soon.

The 32-bit version of manjaro might still be useful for some people. I just compared it to the 32-bit version on zorin lite and it managed to get all the drivers working correctly which impressed me.

What are the risks with using an older version and is there an alternative way to download software? I just want gimp and Firefox and chromium probably

It’s sad, but true really - many distros dropping 32 bit support because it’s just not made any more…

Looking forward to ARM…

I think openSUSE might be an option, and someone I know says he used SparkyLinux to revive his old netbook… which is Debian… an Ubuntu remix.

Well I was just a fan that manjaro managed to find the drivers and make a 10 year old mini pc work well. If I install a 64-bit is the just keeps freezes all the time. The CPU is pretty weak.

edit: thanks for the original heads up on the 32-bit version being unsupported. At least i know what was going on there.

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Good luck.
I started out with a HP in 2007, but swapped it out for a 64-bit in 2013 mostly because I couldn’t upgrade it without getting a new PSU and case…
Still going strong on that build - but I wouldn’t want to battle with 32-bit now.

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