Pacman -Fy fails



Hi everybody,

Reading pacman’s help I’ve seen it’s possible to look for which package provides which files from pacman.

I’ve tried pacman -Fy to update/create a new database, but I only get:

error: failed retrieving file 'core.files' from : The requested URL returned error: 404

Any idea?


manjaro repositories don’t support this options of pacman.
as the output said. there is no core.files in the core repository.
and pacman need this files to work with -F


OK. I thought so too. Is that why manjaro doesn’t ship pkgfile as well? Is it planned for implementation?

Do you have an alternate solution to find which pkg contains which file (for installation)?
So far I’ve search the arch website to find it…


Yes. It’s the same reason.

There has been a lot of talk amongst the developers about implementing the files support, but it would require a rewrite of the repo management tool box-it for it to work.


So what is the recommended alternative way of looking for a specific file in the manjaro repositories?


You really can’t. You can look up specific packages, but not the files the packages contain.

The best way, would probably be to google for it.


Is there anything in the works for this to be fixed? If I’d known Manjaro was broken I wouldn’t have installed it.


Broken Manjaro is not.

Another approach I should say.


This feature of pacman is really useful, it is a pity that it’s not possible to use it in Manjaro. :disappointed: