Pacman error solo una operación al mismo tiempo

Pacman no para de devolverme este error cada vez que intento hacer cualquier cosa, y no lo entiendo ya que no estoy ejecutando ninguna instancia adicional de Pacman, es lo único que estoy haciendo

pacman -S --sync  :heavy_check_mark:
error: solamente una operación puede realizarse a la vez

-S is same as --sync. So it makes no sense to use both at the same time. (hope you can translate)

That’s not the problem, what I am saying is that Pacman throws that error with everything I try to do, not only with that exact command.

También con una simple operación, como :point_down: ?

sudo pacman -Sy

This is exactly what the problem is. It’s like typing pacman -S -S ... or any other combination of upper case letters. You can only type one.

If this error happens even when you type a single upper case letter (ie. single operation), then I suspect you have some weird alias set in your .bashrc/.zshrc or perhaps some custom script that calls pacman and already calls it with an operation.

Again, sorry for english. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I reinstalled Manjaro and it got solved, thanks.