Pacman does not find packages that are listed on

Hi, I’m trying to resolve an issue with CUDA driver compatability. Which turned into trying to update my NVidia driver, which turned into switching back to the ‘stable’ branch. The latter went ok, but mhwd lists only the nvidia-390xx driver and when searching with yay or pacman I cannot see e.g. linux-latest-nvidia-440xx (among others). I’ve updated the mirrors several times but have no further clue how to troubleshoot the problem. Why would packages listed on the site be missing from the downloaded repo metadata (I recieve no errors upon updating with pacman -Syy). I’m using this mirror:

## Country : Netherlands
Server =$repo/$arch

That package is no longer in the official repositories, whether Stable, Testing or Unstable.

Unfortunately, Manjaro Discover is behind the current package list. When time allows it will improve.

Thanks for the reply! In the mean time I managed to resolve the driver issues.

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