Pacman databases copy for offline installs

I want to be able to install software offline. For example, when reinstalling a hard drive or just running Manjaro live, I want to have downloaded packages and just install them until I have time to connect to the internet. I’ve been able to download packages using sudo pacman -Sw and saving the downloaded zst files.

But when I reboot and do not connect to internet and then try to install the packages using sudo pacman -U , I run into a problem because pacman is looking for dependencies of already installed packages and the various repository databases have not been updated yet (using sudo pacman -Sy).

My thought is, maybe I can perform the -Sy, and copy the updated databases somewhere and then when I boot up in an unconnected situation, I can copy those databases back.

  1. Would that work?
  2. Where are the databases to copy?


Hi @sfein1000, and welcome!

I think you’s have to/want to/should see:

Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. I keep forgetting I should search Arch not just Manjaro for information.

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As I get better with setting up servers on a home-wide network, I may look into that.

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