Packages with the same name

The AUR and the Community repo have a package with the same name, currently the one in the Community repo is slightly more current. I can install from the AUR, yay gives me the option… but how to I prevent the Community version from replacing it? pacman -Syu attempts to upgrade it to the version in the Community repo. Do I add an Ignore= in pacman.conf?

Manjaro’s repositories have precedence over AUR for updates, whether you use pacman (which can’t update from AUR anyway) or any AUR helper.

It’s not often such packages would be more up-to-date in the repositories than in AUR. Wouldn’t it happen to be a package developed by the Manjaro team?

No, it is the lightdm-settings package. I just flagged the AUR package as out of date, but yes… pacman, pamac and yay all want to upgrade it. The one in the Community repo adds extra files/services that threaten to convert all users to group 1001 for autologin… not good for a multi-user server.

I opened an issue for the package, but I don’t think my change is desired.

I’ll let you exchange with the package maintainers about that. Though i suspect their first answer would be that Manjaro isn’t designed with servers in mind…
cc @Yochanan, @oberon

If they do not want to repackage it, maybe they would consider renaming the package in the Community repo to something like lightdm-settings-autologin, that would be helpful.

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