Packages not found in AUR errors. Need help


I am clearly not an Arch expert. I did look for a long time before asking for help here.

Octopi is kind enough to inform me that I have an update in AUR avaulable. I use yaourt -Syua to attept the upgrade (vivaldi). I get the following:

==> Downloading vivaldi PKGBUILD from AUR…
==> ERROR: vivaldi not found in AUR.
==> ERROR: unable to update

Also, if related, when I attempt to install a package AUR via Octopi, it seems that a terminal flashes up for a split second, and then nothing happens.

As a further test I tried:

yaourt -S packer

and received:

==> Downloading packer PKGBUILD from AUR…
(23) Failed writing body
==> ERROR: packer not found in AUR.

This a new issue, as I have used yaourt with success in the past. Any suggestions?

Edit: I just looked at /etc/yaourtrc and every line is commented out. That seems odd. ( I was attempting to try another tmp dir as a solution. yaourt-temp-username, in /tmp is over 3 GB.


Maybe the website was down for maintainance.
Browsing does find those packages, so they are there.

Maybe just wait a while and try again?


The issue has been ongoing for over a week.

Sadly, it is a issue that will be a big problem, since I can no longer get Manjaro up and running after a reboot, due to a kernel panic related to init. So it looks like I will have to ignore the AUR trouble until i sort this out.

I guess this thread of mine is done. :slight_smile:


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