Packages in minimal not in full: gnome-desktop gnome-keyring xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

I thought that manjaro-kde-21.1.4-210925-linux513.iso would contain the packages in manjaro-kde-21.1.4-minimal-210925-linux513.iso plus the packages with the extra programs to get the full Manjaro KDE experience.

To my surprise i find that the packages gnome-desktop, gnome-keyring and xdg-desktop-portal-gtk are in minimal, but not in full.

What is the purpose of those three packages? None of these packages are required by other packages according to pamac info. Removing the packages does not seem to have any detrimental effects.

This is just a library for GNOME API calls. I do have it installed here in my Plasma system ─ which was not a minimal, if I recall correctly, but then again, that was over two years ago ─ but I don’t know whether it is needed. If so, then it’s probably only because of certain GTK/GNOME applications.

I do have that one installed as well. I’m not sure whether it is needed, given that KDE has its own keyring application, called kwallet. Again, it might be something that GTK applications might use, although I haven’t set anything up here to use it.

Some people prefer it to kwallet, though.

I do not have that one installed here, but it is possible that I might have had it installed (by default) and that I manually removed it later ─ again, it’s been over two years since I installed this system.

It is either way needed only if you want GTK applications to use the GTK-native “file open/save” dialog instead of the KDE-native one.

Hi Aragorn.

My question is really why are these packages in minimal at all? They are not required by any of the other packages, and they do not contain any applications that are meant to be used directly by the user.

I wonder why the full version of Manjaro is not built on top of the minimal version.

I have no idea. Maybe it’s an oversight. :man_shrugging:

Edit: I’ve called in Da Big Chief™. Maybe he’ll be able to explain. :wink:

Thank you for reporting!

It is used for storing secrets such ssh keys. Files are stored in encrypted form and automatically decrypted when you log in.

Used for screensharing in wayland.

You don’t need any of these packages in kde.

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