Package update issues

Hi everyone
I’ve been having a bit of trouble these last two weeks trying to update several packages through the ad removes software program Manjaro running the KDE plasma desktop

In the first photo I’m trying to update those 6 packages
But when I go for the process this message comes up

But when I press the apply button this 3rd message comes up and cancels the whole thing

I’ve tried to install each package individually and also update through terminal but the same thing keeps happening

please do not use photos or screen shots - they are useless - so please remove them.

You should be able to express your issue in plain english.

Thank you.



… and to make it easier and more transparent for all involved, not the least of which is you, use the pamac command line instead of the gui.

Then you can easily see all the messages that lead to the result of “failed to …”
and can also copy/paste the text here if it doesn’t make sense to you …

Since you have yay already installed and since all of the packages that you want to update are from AUR
you could use that instead of pamac as well.

That would be my suggestion.

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Thanks, I’ll try that

Okay I tried what you said through the terminal it did work some packages were updated but when I went to the graphical interface there still was four packages left that didn’t update, so I tried to update them with the graphical interface again but this happened.


Synchronizing package databases… Cloning ckbcomp build files… Generating ckbcomp information… Checking ckbcomp dependencies… Cloning pamac-cli build files… Generating pamac-cli information… Checking pamac-cli dependencies… Cloning v86d build files… Generating v86d information… Checking v86d dependencies… Cloning bottles-git build files… Generating bottles-git information… Checking bottles-git dependencies… Failed to prepare transaction: invalid or corrupted database Transaction cancelled.
Is there any way to fix invalid or corrupt database?
Thank you again

Of course there is - but I’m not the one who can tell you how.
There are quite a few threads here addressing such issues.


Thanks again

In theory it will be

pamac update --force-refresh

But i am pretty sure something else it broken in your case too. You have packages from aur, that are available in the repos. That is a recipe for conflicts when it comes to important parts of the system like pamac.



I’ll try that

paccache -rvk0
pamac clean -b
sudo pacman-mirrors -f
sudo pacman -Syu v86d ckbcomp pamac-cli yay
pamac upgrade -a
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That worked thanks so much for the input and the idea

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