[Package Request ] Rclone Browser

Can u plz include rclone browser in the official repo
It makes the use of rclone easier
I know its in AUR but would like it in official repo :frowning:

Including the package in the official Manjaro repo would mean a team member would have to support it.

If the package is good it will gain the necessary momentum (votes) on AUR - until then team members are fully occupied and installing the package using Pamac is a no-brainer.

pamac build rclone-browser

Moving to Feedback/Feature Request

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I agree with @linux-aarhus.

I use rclone myself and personally find it easier and better to use command line. Especially once it’s configured, but even that wasn’t that big of a headache. Or even any headache, for that matter. So, at least according to me, a GUI for rfclone is sort of pointless. Especially since it’s very easy without it, very well documented and easy enough to get from the AUR if really needed.

But, I know that’s just me.

Easier not perse, but it is understandable that there are users that prefer a GUI over the (in most cases more powerfull) CLI.
Still as linux-aarhus stated until it gets te necessary momentum it wil not be in the default repo. So if you really need it / want it you need to build it from the AUR which is as easy as 1,2,3 or A,B,C in Manjaro.

Hope it will be added in future :frowning:
Since it updates hardly that’s why asked as u have to update it less frequently

I agree. I was one of those that preferred the GUI. Take note: WAS.

Sure and understandable. Simply because most user come from Windows or Apple even and are used that (almost) everything goes and have to be done by a GUI. So it is a mindset thingy I guess :thinking:

Some user stay in that mindset and want to have everything with GUI others are learning that CLI is more powerful (faster even) and not in anyway comparable with Windows Promt or Powerline even.

So just a mindset thingy

Indeed. And if there’s one thing that irks me, it’s when people are not open to change.