Package request: Pencil



Pencil is an open-source GUI prototyping tool.

There are not so many prototyping programs for Linux.

For Pencil, there is two packages in AUR: and

The first has more deps than the second, but I’m not a packaging expert, I don’t know why.

The other option i’ve found is WireframeSketcher, but is not FOSS.


pencil builds from source, while evolus-pencil-bin installs a precompiled binary.


@Anatoliy as has been mentioned numerous times in the forums, if you wish something packaged and are willing to become the maintainer, it’s all yours. If not, then it is extremely anyone will do the work for you.


Well, I’m just asking.
Yes is yes, no is no. No problem, I cannot say “Manjaro Team, do this”.

I’m not a expert in Arch package, and don’t have a good machine for compiling.
Maintain a package is not easy, I know, so I just ask. Is possible?


Why not just install evolus-pencil-bin from AUR?


The package evolus-pencil-bin don’t worked on my end.
Maybe I’ll test with another machine.


Did you get an error? How doesn’t it work?


Why does this need to be in Manjaro repos?

It is in the AUR and builds fine, last time I tried it anyway.

If enough Arch users vote for it, and it has a TU maintainer, it will be promoted to the community repo … and inherited into Manjaro community repo automatically.

If you are uncomfortable building from AUR then do some reading, search the forum, and learn. What you cannot understand ask and someone will help out.


I don’t have a machine to compile anything like pencil (not so new machine, and overheat with automatic poweroff), and maybe others are in same situation.
Build a package -> a computer that can do the job, impossible (for right now).

The bin package doesn’t throw any build error, but the program doesn’t open (the task appear at taskmanager only).

There is some kind of similar package? An option, from Manjaro repos…

For the package request I want just a word: yes or no. I’ll understand. No problem. But, “yes” or “no”.
Maybe “no”. There are no designers repling here requesting the package.


Points supporting inclusion:

  • GUI mockup software appears to be unique; I don’t know of another example (in the repos).
  • New releases are not overly rapid, so ongoing packaging efforts shouldn’t be onerous.
  • Has 178 (pencil) + 21 (-bin) + 58 (-git) = 257 AUR votes

Points against inclusion:

  • It’s already in the AUR
  • I don’t use it

I’m considering adding this to the Manjaro community overlay. It seems to meet a niche which isn’t already met and given releases aren’t every week it doesn’t look like it needs too much ongoing effort to maintain.

As such, a vote:

Add pencil to the repos?

  • Yes, and I will use it
  • Yes, but I won’t use it
  • No, the AUR package is already enough

0 voters

Threshold is 10 “yes” votes.


I’m against adding it to the repos since there has not been code commits since July 2017 and a consistent number issues (320), the development branch have a little of activity though

There are 3 packages in the AUR, there is also pencil-git

The -bin one already bundle Electron within, anyawy the packages could not be ‘at the state of the Art’


discard my vote. I didn’t think it all the way through. Sorry. Sorry @Anatoliy but after thinking about it I vote no. I’d change my vote on the poll if possible.


That can simply mean that it’s “finished” or “good enough” for the authors.

You can - click the “Hide results” button and you can change your vote.