Package Manager stays open only a few seconds

Could the Manjaro Keyrings update that I applied yesterday be somehow related to Package Manager stopping to work? More precisely, it would stay open only a couple of seconds and would not let me do anything.

Since I was in a hurry I recovered a previous snapshot with TimeShift, but I thought I should report this fact.


Yes that is very much possible. In any such case you can make use of pamac’s cli commands and report the error here. Recovering snapshots is generally the last option:

Thank you. Before resorting to TimeShift I searched and applied several instructions which I found in this forum for when the same symptoms appear (Package Manager not behaving or not opening at all, including resetting and updating it (I don’t remember exactly now), but to no avail. I may have done something wrong, though, as I was in a hurry.

I should also say that before this issue I downloaded one or two AUR packages, one being Komodo Edit, which installed correctly.